Work in Progress: Wearable Paper Art Part 2

These lovely red things are what I started working on after I set aside the cut paper strips. I love these so much, but it may be the colour, because red is my favourite. I started by cutting about twelve or so, and then cut another bunch to bring the number up to thirty. It’s hard to tell in the first two photos but some of the paper is in two different shades of orange and not red. They range in size from an inch in diameter to two and a half (I think).


Work in progress, cut paper pieces

These will all come together into a wearable piece, when I finally figure out what shape and size of base I want to attach them to. I’ve been prototyping these but haven’t yet settled on one I’m satisfied with.

Work in progress, cut paper pieces

This will end up as a ridiculously elaborate paper wearable, but I wanted to make something spectacular for the show in September.

4 thoughts on “Work in Progress: Wearable Paper Art Part 2

    • Rachael says:

      Ha. You’ve read my mind again. I was thinking the same thing, though I think I would make them larger than the current ones.

    • Rachael says:

      Thanks Anne. The blog template change is a work-in-progress this week as I move my portfolio over to WordPress and finally make a big change to both. I’ve had the same template for seven or eight years.

      Those giant flowers are spectacular. I’ve followed the Jealous Curator for years, and actually know her personally.

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