Christmas Making in Paper

This week the Christmas-related making came into play when I decided to make a second advent calendar for our home. The one I made last year wasn’t large enough to accommodate two small gifts in each drawer, so I quickly threw together a simple one using small paper bags and envelopes. I gave each one a fancy number and then used string, thumb tacks, and tiny clothes pins to hang it all on the wall. We’re now onto day two of getting into the treats hidden inside.

Using coloured paper left over from the sonobe artwork, I started making origami ornaments for the Steamclock office. It’s the first time we’re decorating for Christmas at the office and I’m making things festive and colourful, while steering clear of the usual tacky decorations. I made two different styles of modular ornaments in turquoise with white, and bright blue with white.

IMG_5147 (1)
My co-worker Rach and I have been using these awesome chalk markers to draw on the office windows to also add a festive touch. I’ll share details of the office decor once it is all done next week.