Thirty Days of Drawing Project

I decided to begin a thirty day project on the first day of May as a way to get inspired and generate new ideas. I’ve been feeling artistically stale and stagnant lately, and hoped it would be a good way to shake things up. I chose a blank sketchbook as my platform and decided to get started and then figure out what the project would be about.

By day two I realized the sketchbook paper worked best with pencil, which I discovered while working in gel pen. The focus of the drawings has turned out to be repeating shapes (what a shocker!) and trying to choose a different one each day.

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I shot a video of me flipping through the sketchbook on day 8, sharing all I had done by then. I don’t spend a lot of time thinking up something beforehand, and barely know what to do as I start.

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The video above was shot as I worked on my day 6 drawing. I held the iPhone in my left hand as I drew with my right. I don’t like everything I’ve drawn so far, but I do love the process of this project. I can’t wait to sit down and do it every day.