Mobile Studio: Daily Drawings in Four

While I am once again away from my regular studio for two months, this time for good reasons, I am working on another daily project.

Before leaving home I used a circle punch to make sixty circles with a diameter of 3.5 inches from red, grey, black, and white card stock with the idea I would use these as the basis for the intended daily project. I didn’t plan anything beyond using these materials and left things to chance.

On the first day of the project I decided to draw intricate leafy vines in white gel pen on black paper and carried through with this same motif over the following three days to create a set of four. And that is the idea I am going to stick with for the rest of the series – coming up with a design to explore four times using the different coloured paper and gel pens.

I like this idea because it allows me to explore an idea more thoroughly by doing variations of four. It also means I only have to come up with fifteen different ideas rather than sixty unique designs to fill all of the circles.

The series is working well so far. I am pleased with the first three sets of four. It’s amazing how quickly the work piles up with a daily project.