Tape Art Convention Exhibition

Boris came across a flyer for a tape art convention in Berlin, which led me their wonderful exhibition, and attending a workshop on the weekend.

Tape Art is an artform where the artist uses tape or adhesive vinyl as a drawing/painting tool. From what I could observe from looking at the work on display, any type of tape will do. The most common seems to be gaffer, masking, and packing tape but in a wider variety of colours and widths than anything I’ve seen in Canada.

Ed von Schleck by Klebebande

Tangara Lavarta by Lamia

Tape sculpture by Tapeigami

Neurowand 2 by Felix Rodewalt

The image above is of one of my favourite pieces from the show, but I missed recording the artist’s name. They used a digital cutter to create the patterns from adhesive vinyl and then installed them in two layers over the windows. It looks amazing backlit by the window light.

Japanese Man by Tape That

Collision by Atau Hamos

The two images directly above are great examples of artists using tape in a painterly way to create their work.

City Bird by Klebebande

Benjamin Murphy

The pieces by Benjamin Murphy are extremely delicate and intricate cuttings made from tape and mounted onto glass. Now I’m curious about creating my own cut designs from similar materials.

Sculpture by Tapeigami

The workshop I took after a tour of the exhibition was light on teaching techniques but did everyone a chance to use gaffer tape to create pieces of our own. I’ll share mine in another blog post. My new exposure to tape art is going to be a great excuse to buy more tape.