A Studio Visit in Dannenberg

Towards the beginning of July, Boris and I visited my friend Nadine at her home near a small town called Dannenberg. She and I met in Vancouver last year when she came by for a studio visit. Nadine is a book designer and works remotely for a Vancouver-based publishing company. She comes to town about once a year to meet with them in person, which is how the meeting came about. I promised to visit her the next time I was in Germany, so of course I reached out when we decided to travel to Berlin.

Nadine is a master book binder as well as a designer, and she also has an obsession with paper folding. We spent some time in her workshop talking about materials (mostly paper) and looking through her many beautiful samples of books and paper folding pieces.

We spent a lovely few days with Nadine and her family. We went for walks, made meals together, had ice cream, visited the neighbour’s puppies, swam in a lake, went to a concert, and slept in a cozy caravan on their property. Boris and I had an enjoyable few days there. I hope Nadine and I can meet again soon.