Artists To Visit During Culture Crawl 2018

The annual Eastside Culture Crawl kicks off this week, and I am looking forward to visiting my fellow artists in their studios. If you’re planning to attend here is a short list of recommended people to visit.

Crissy Arseneau – Mixed Media, Located at William Clark Studios, 1310 William Street


Sung Ah Cho – Ceramics, Located at Studio 218, 1000 Parker Street


Patrick Leach – Ceramics, Located at Octopus Studios, 393 Powell Street


Jules Loves Leather – Handmade shoes, Located at 1907 Triumph Street


Ehren Salazar – Drawing & Painting, Located at Williams Clark Studios, 1310 William Street


Antony Roland – Mixed Media, Located at The Arts Factory, 281 Industrial Avenue

To see the full list of 482 (!) artists visit the Eastside Culture Crawl website. It all begins this Thursday and runs through Sunday until 6pm.