Advent Calendar in Green

I have a thing for Advent Calendars apparently, as this is the third one I’ve made in the past four years. The first one is here (still in use), the second is here (now retired), and number three is looking gorgeous in green and white.

What’s with all the different Advent Calendars, you may be asking? Well the first one was supposed to be shared between Boris and I, but its drawers were too tiny to hold treats for two people. The second one was something I threw together quickly for Boris and never quite liked. The envelopes were also awkwardly tiny for holding certain treats. (What’s with all the large Christmas chocolates?!?!)

This gorgeous green number started out as an unadorned raw pine drawer unit purchased at Deserres. I lightly sanded it before Boris helped me paint it with Hooker Green. I used a Posca white acrylic pen with a fine nib to draw leafy vines on each drawer, which BTW, are more than large enough to accommodate all sorts of tasty Christmas treats.

I’m happy with how well this turned out. I can’t wait to count down to Christmas with our lovely homemade advent calendars.