Modular Origami to Occupy My Time

My friend Nadine shared her version of this modular origami structure on Instagram and I decided to work on one of my own because I needed to work on something (ANYTHING!) The Covid times have been detrimental to everyone’s creativity and I thought this would be a good distraction. (It was).

The instructions for folding the individual units and final assembly can be found here on the Instagram account of Dáša Ševerová. Her version, and Nadine’s, is made with small sheets of paper. Mine is made with full sized 5″ x 5″ double-sided colour patterned origami paper, and includes forty-four folded units. It is ridiculously large. Their folded pieces are small and elegant.

The nice thing about this type of modular origami is there are so many variations of what you can do it, including paper choice, and the amount of folded units. Another variation is twisting it into a möbius strip. Go on and give it a try yourself!