Pattern Mixing in Poppy Orange

This is the second in my new series of pattern mixing paper cut pieces. I finished this piece in late June, and was super jazzed about how beautiful it turned out. The paper is a vibrant Poppy Orange and the patterns play together in an energetic way that is pleasing to the eye.

I hand drew most of the patterns in this piece but I also decided to use some previously cut paper pieces as stencils to trace some of the most complicated ones – like the Islamic geometric pattern inside the circle. Those ones always feel intimidatingly complicated to hand draw.

This piece is another that began as an idea in my sketchbook, exploring composition and a pretty crude mixing of pattern ideas. It’s been so helpful to have these drawings, capturing ideas, to refer back to when working on a more refined and finished piece.

The lozenge is hand-cut from Canson Mi-teintes paper, and the finished size is 22″ x 16.5″.