Pattern Mixing Diptych in Turquoise

Earlier today I was looking at the sketchbook drawing this piece is based upon and realized how much more complex it became in the final version. It was always a diptych but the paper cut version walked away with additional sections and way more elaborate patterning.

This turquoise blue paper is my number one favourite of all the colours in the Canson Mi-tientes range. (It is sooooooo goooooood). I could use it again and again to make all sorts of things.

With this piece I really started to consider the line weight of each pattern, which is something tricky to figure out in the drawing stage. I like that the upper sections of both half-circles have sections that are matching in airiness because the paper is mostly cut away, while the sections below are more dense. This was not planned, so clearly dumb luck panned out well with this piece.

The final version is hand-cut from Canson Mi-teintes paper, and each one is 18 inches by 10 inches.