Mobi Art Bike Design

In November I entered the Mobi bike share Art Bikes contest for artists participating in the Culture Crawl, and I found out two weeks ago my work was selected as a finalist. How exciting is that?!?! Mine is one of five new designs you can ride around town. They were released into the wild two weeks ago, and I could not be happier with how the art looks on the bikes. (Even better than my photos).


Left side wheel artwork

Left side wheel

The patterns looks more three dimensional in real life because of shadows giving definition to the work. The designs are created from photos of three of the eight hand-cut paper pieces that make up the installation, Endurance of Strange Times.

If you spot one of my Art Bikes, please tag and share a photo with me over on Instagram or Twitter. Apparently the ones with artwork are the most highly ridden of all the Mobi bikes.