A little night music

A little night music

This morning I feel as if I could use a little extra sleep, even though I went to bed at a reasonable hour last night. Sometimes I think I feel more tired after going to bed early, than I do when I don’t get enough sleep. As long as I don’t yawn too much during my mid-day meeting, I think I should be okay.

I was looking through my flickr archive from a year ago and found the above photo. It was taken on a night outing with Vandigicammers at Jericho Beach.

4 thoughts on “A little night music

  1. neil says:

    First of all this photo is friggin amazing! I was just saying the exact same thing to a friend recently about going to bed early and not getting a better sleep. For me going to bed early is no guarantee of getting a good sleep, in fact quite often the opposite is true. What seems to be more important for me is how I feel mentally. If I’ve been active physically or mentally doing something and then I go to bed when I’m actually tired and satisfied then I have a great sleep. Whereas if I just go to bed because I’m bored or something I don’t have as good a sleep.

  2. Rachael says:

    Hmmm… I wonder if I didn’t feel refreshed this morning because I didn’t get enough exercise yesterday…? Or maybe I’m just worn out after a busy week and need some real sleep. It’s about quality and not quantity.

    This shot is from that same evening Ben.

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