Life is an Art

Week 21 - Life is an art
Week 21 – Life is an Art. From the 52 Weeks self portrait series.

Good things from the weekend:
– a delicious meal that came in many small bowls, followed by a very tasty dessert – all made by Zak.
– Saturday brunch at the Sandbar on Granville Island
– the fastest trip through Ikea ever, which yielded excellent results
– a well-timed phone call from Hendrik that led to a fun Sunday afternoon
– the glorious weather on Sunday afternoon
– homemade sky high pizza made by Boris. So-called because it was stacked with toppings.
– having a clearer mind after a few weeks of too much stress and anxiety

2 thoughts on “Life is an Art

  1. Ariane says:

    It’s such a good feeling when you can feel yourself climbing back out of that place. Thanks for the chat yesterday, it helped a lot. ๐Ÿ™‚

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