Blue Bits and Pretty Scraps

This week I’ve switched projects again and I’m back working on paper wearable number two, or is it three?! There are definitely three of these on the go, but I think I originally started this second, and the red one first. I still need to go back to that first paper wearable and get it sorted out because it’s been sitting there unfinished for a couple of weeks.

These blue pieces are similar to the red ones as they are flower shapes cut from circles, but on a slightly smaller scale that is driving me a little nuts. It has to be this way in order for the wearable idea to work. I have about eight more of the above pieces to cut and then I can arrange and assemble them. I can hardly wait.

Offcut pieces from work in progress paper wearable

This pile of triangle pieces are the offcuts from the flowers, and they are incredibly tiny, around an eighth of an inch or so. They are adorable in person.